Tori Meader

Needing an outlet for the overwhelming amount of characters, creatures and stories prancing around in her mind Tori Meader first began drawing in middle school. Fueled by a desire to learn and improve (and many art classes) her skills developed to illustrate her passion; drawing and painting fantastical characters in an intensely high contrast and dynamic manner. Though her work is often very dark visually, her rendering of light allows the viewer to be immersed into the simulated reality of her content. Her work captures a frozen moment of a larger narrative, whether it is a creature mid leap or a moment of contemplation, the story always extends beyond the borders of the image. Human and animal figures live exciting, and often dramatic, adventures in these stories. Tori imbues her digital paintings with the power of a world beyond our own, where beauty, awe, magic and imagination exist in tandem.


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